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Free Personal Finance Course

MoneySKILL is a free personal finance course. The curriculum covers a broad range of personal finance topics.

Learning money skills early in life can be of great benefit for you as an individual, however, in many cases, it is either late in life that most of us realize we are up to our heads in debt and wished we have some basic knowledge of how to handle our personal finances. For the majority of people financial illiteracy is

What are Basic Finance Skills?

Financial literacy is the basic knowledge that helps you manage your money, grow wealth, and stay out of debt. These standard skills will help reduce your financial troubles and prepare you for the real world. Why are financial skills important? Why are financial skills important? Financial literacy equips you with the knowledge and skills to manage your money effectively and avoid financial pitfalls. Financial decisions and actions can lead to lifelong struggles if you don't invest time in improving your financial skills. Money saving skills One of the most important money-learning skills is how to save money. Building your net worth and financial future isn't about saving, it's one of the main pillars of finance. Below are some of the skills you need to master to save more money.

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